Happy friends day


I´ve had a fab day so far. One of my best and closest friends had her birthday today and although she knows about 1 million people, she wanted to have a really calm, chilled out day by the seaside. 9 people were invited and we had a picnic, did some sunbathing, (the brave ones went in the water. Which meant I stayed on land...) and after a few hours of lounging around, we did some more of the same but at the waterfront restaurant 50 m away.

It was a long time ago I managed to sit down for more or less a full day without feeling stressed, bored, or "itchy". If I´m on holiday with a good book, far away from home - no problems - but as soon as I´m in a familiar environment, ie in my own city, it´s very difficult for me to do nothing! Weird, huh?

Being around great people certainly helps and I appreciate having reached a stage in my life, where I only surround myself with people that I truly want to call my friends.

This means, people:

- that can be trusted
- who genuinely care
- who give energy
- who are generous
- who are happy
- who are supportive

How many people out there are still hanging around with so called friends who give nothing, steal energy, always show up late or cancel last minute? You know the type, because after you´ve been hanging out you feel drained, sad, upset or down. Treat yourself to a friends-inventory-day, where you run through your list of friends and acquaintances - write down positives and negatives for each person and what you get from each friendship. The list might surprise you. If nothing else it will tell you which people in your life that you would like to see more of or get to know better and which people that might not "deserve" as much of your time....


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