MOJO before sailing, pre-party....

JO celebrating being the sailing CHAMP!!!!

One of the unfortunate boats... looking sad, lonely and very, very calm, in the not so windy weather...

MOJO is "the day after" at a small, not very clean 7eleven in Kungsgatan, Stockholm. It was late last night and after a few glasses of wine, gin&tonics, etc, we danced the night away on a rented yacht in the Stockholm archipelago...

The activity we got to do yesterday was: sailing. We were divided into teams of 4 and got to handle a J80 for a few hours. There was NO wind. There was hardly any action in the boat (if you don´t count the shouting from the MOJO-team at their respective crews... what, competitive? Us?) Well, at least Jo made MOJO and her sailing roots proud by taking 1st spot in the whole racing competition. (That was after she had to chase her team around the boat with a whip, screaming at them (read: him...) to get their(his) big butt(s) into gear...)

NIKE team Sweden, Summer 2008 - pre-dinner

Now we´ll be chilling in the center of Sthlm for a few hours before Mo heads back to the West Coast, whilst Jo will be hanging in the major capital for a few days of training the Swedish Olympic teams in yoga and other exciting stuff!

There will be photos from the weekend published on the blog tomorrow. Well, some of them at least... after a few hours of censoring.....

Mo2daJo - party style!

Jo: I agree
and... something happened... I started talking... and I DIDN'T STOP!

Now - off for some delicious FOOD mmm

Food for hung-over bellies....

Happy Sunday

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