I don't go for 2nd Best

I am back after what feels like a lifetime (6days really) in Stockholm. On the train ride home I went (with a little help from my Ipod on shuffle and a BIG Chai Latte) deep into the alleys of my mind/heart.

Do you want to plug in?
Here you go, access granted!

There is a tiny little 4-year-old girl inside me yelling:

“If I can't have what I want, I don't want anything.”


Can’t live with them but how the h..ll do we get rid of them?

Expectations turn up in many forms—from what we expect of ourselves to what others expect of us and we of them. You may have high, low, or even negative expectations. You also have large expectations and thousands of small expectations that arise in your life every day. You may expect that certain efforts will yield desired results, or believe you can be in control of your life, or be totally convinced that the so-called good life must have particular components. You may be enslaved by your expectations of what defines a good marriage, a good person, or success. More than likely, you expect to behave in a manner you know is right, and you expect to be treated similarly.

My WANTING mind is driven by desire, aversion, and anxiety; it creates an illusion of solidity and control in a world that is constantly changing and unfolds independently of how I believe it should.

I know that the ability to RESPOND to change rather than REACT to it is the biggest difference between those who feel free and those who are caught in the suffering of life. When you REACT, you are opting not for the mind of possibility but for the mind of expectation, and you are left disappointed, hurt, lost, angry, or defeated.

Sadly I find that when you are not real with yourself, it is impossible to be authentic with others. When you are in denial of the existence of your expectations, you limit the possibility of actively participating in the truth of your life in every moment and prevent accessing the power of the love of those close to you.

After all this time
The sun never says to the earth
You owe Me

Look at what happens
With a love like that

It lights the whole sky."

- Hafiz

This is the power of giving to life without the burden of expectations.
Now, all I have to do is to apply it.... again, wish me luck :)


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A.Eneroth said...

Med för höga förväntningar så lägger man ju ibland fälleben på sig själv, ex du skall se en film som du har hört är grymt bra, det var den också men bara som du förväntade dig.
Bättre verkar ju vara att bli positivt överraskad.
Generellt tror jag att man skall ha låga förväntningar på sådant du inte kan påverka, medan tväremot ha positiva förväntningar på de saker du kan kontrollera, som sin framtid, då får jag automatiskt en grym drivkraft. Framtiden är ljus, jävligt ljus.