I shot the sheriff


Don´t shoot the messenger...

In less than 36 h I will be on yet another beach/rock/pool side for some hot fun in the sun. Yes, I know - I´ve just come back from Crete. But this time I´m actually, ehrm... working!
Well, sort of.
I´ll be teaching 4 yoga classes in a week at a Russian fitness camp in Pula, Croatia. Not really HARD labour, I know, but still.

The challenge is getting a group of 30-40 Russians to do yoga, or anything even resembling yoga when all they understand in English is "yes", "no" and sometimes "right", "left"... and yes, unfortunately my Russian leaves a lot to be desired. Interesting, eh? Especially when you have a big group of people in down dog-position (upside down, with their faces turned away from the teacher, ie me) and none of them can understand what you´re saying... well, you can probably imagine...

It´s all in a day´s work :)

The laptop is traveling to Croatia with me and I´ll make sure there´ll be regular posts from the sun, the sea and the sand!!! Life is wicked!

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