Body to die for


How much do you really want it - The body to die for? The tight ass, the lean thighs with the matching flat abs? If you REALLY want it, Kettlebell-training is what´s going to get you there!

Tonight was the last test run before the big launch in August. I´m training the Gymnasium staff on August 8 and then I´ll start running regular classes from August 25 - Mondays 17.00 and Wednesdays 18.30 - be there, or...stop complaining!

Full Kettlebell-class in action...

Marie and Christin - beautiful students and friends.
(Sorry guys, both beauties are already taken...)

I brought my own body guards to the class tonight. Freddan & Joel - Wonderful friends & great people - with sharp minds and kind hearts....
YES, girls - they are BOTH single!!!...)
Please, start queuing to the right...


H said...

Well...do you ever come to Stockholm..? Starting to get a bit stressed...beach '08 is already here! Got some express choice? ;)

mojo said...

Hi H!

I´m in Sthlm for Les Mills SuperSaturday on August 30 www.lesmills.net
teaching spinning,

and for the SAFE event September 27
teaching spinning + kettlebells! :)

Unfortunately, beach 08 will most probably be over by then...

Express choice? Order your own Kettlebells + DVD from www.eleikoequipment.se

Good luck! :)