Because I'm FLY


Fortunately for MOJO I can tick off ALL of the below on MO's list!
Let's see:

- uncontrollable drunkeness - CHECK
- someone who breaks down and cries - CHECK
- at least one couple splitting up - HM, IN THE LONG RUN, CHECK
- 1 good fight (involving blood) NOT AT MY PARTY BUT CLOSE BY, CHECK
- someone kissing (or even worse, shagging) someone else´s partner - CHECK

(...and not very rarely, it would of course, be the same 3-4 people involved in all of the activities above...) - YEEP, HAVE TO AGREE

...by the time hell was let loose, I would be off, trying to hitch hike my way back home... WELL, THIS IS WHERE WE PART, FORTUNATELY I HAVE GREAT FRIENDS, (one of them told me to find a bed to lie down in and he promised to get me before they left, and so he did :) I am very very grateful!

The day after was a handful of FUN...
Trying to remember the last 20h of our lives as we road the train down to Landskrona...
I am not sure, but I can imagine that the other passengers... had a wicked time as well... :) kinda like a live Ricky Lake show !

Thank GOD for slow food, slow walks, wide fields and BIG sofas on the country side! Thanks to that I am a WHOLE person again, and it is only MONDAY :) jihoo!

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