FIKA makes the world go round...

Lets see!

Jo: I am not a FIKA person, but the last 24hours has been CRAZY!
I’m in the big city (bigger than Gothenburg, i.e. Stockholm) and I guess it is fair to say that I am on a FIKA marathon.
Making up for all the fikas I didn’t attend the past year or two.

What keeps me going when “mjölksyran ligger på”?
I think of a FIKA professional who once coached me:

Me: Åhh, it would be so nice to FIKA now.
He: Well, lets do it then!
Me: But I am not hungry.
He: What has that got to do with it!!!

Thank you krull!!

This is my Sthlm schedule so far:

Fri-Sunday noon NIKE TEAM Gathering – say no more!


Big Big Breakfast – kinda like the Las Vegas Buffe! Said that I wouldn’t eat anything else that day!
12ish, FIKA with Mo
15ish T.G.I.F with Mo

16ish FIKA with Mo and NIKE team member and soul sister Maria Linghult

18ish Fresh Strawberries and bedtime

MONDAY in the Big City:

Morning walk to Bikram Yoga (I do NOT recommend yoga in a HOT HOT HOT room the day after the after party!)

DuCalme – my favorite yoga studio in Sthlm - Beautiful but HOT! Love the reward: melon, grapefruit, and water with
cucumber, lemon, and apple. Big plates of nuts and dried fruit, ayurvedic teas and more ☺ Yummy!
13ish LUNCH with Fab Dancer and Co-Worker Åsa
15ish FIKA with NIKE boss Lina and Åsa

16ish FIKA with hot hot hot dancer Omid at World Class

18ish Dejt with my Curly Soul mate R – Cinema w XXL popcorn (we saw THE HOTTEST Guy in my opinion, Ashton Kutcher, good thing that Demi Moore will pass away any day soon due to old age, I’m first in line : )
After that FIKA!

22ish FIKA with another HOT Blondie


Morning Walk in the amazing Swedish Sunshine Walked all the way out to Djurgården and found this!!!!

The four-leaflet clover is an uncommon variation of the common three-leaf clover. According to superstition, such leaves bring good luck to their finders. According to legend, each leaflet represents something: the first is for hope, the second is for faith, the third is for love, and the fourth is for luck. Legend also holds that if a lady hangs a four-leaf clover on her door, the next man to come in will become her husband.

I also found this:

Only in Sthlm can you sell a "walki" sandwich for 178sek !

11ish FIKA with the NEW NIKE member Annika Sjöö – Gossip about the weekend, who did what, when, why, how.. update!
13ish LUNCH Dejt
15ish FIKA with an EX-Boyfriend, haven’t seen him in 2years…exciting
….and the list goes on and on…

What will become of a …. Can u say FIKA UTBRÄND little yogi?!

Phuuu… life is hard!


Soy said...

Hahaha! LÖGNEN! Nog att du inte är en fikaperson min älskade Johanna! Varje gång man är inne på ett café och dricker en kaffe så fikar man. Kaffe to-go räknas som fika om man sitter på uteserveringen. Alla Bran-muffins är också fikor.

Fika är inte bara te och äppelpaj.

Ledsen att vara den som avslöjar bluffen, men rätt ska vara rätt. puss

Anonymous said...

That is correct!
Fika is a state of mind more than acctually putting something in your mouth. Fika is an art and only a few master it to the max. I see myself as something of an expert. *smile*

Fika rules!