What do you want?


What do you want? Out of life, out of love, out of work? If "happiness", "freedom", "calm" or "financial independence" is your ultimate goal, what does that really MEAN to you? WHY do you want it? WHEN do you want it? And HOW will you know when you are there?

Goal setting, Visions, Goal Getting Strategies, Resources and Tools - everything is everywhere right now...

The course I´m doing this week and in September, will eventually turn me into an international licensed Coach. At the moment, different key words are buzzing around in my head, making my head spin so much that I´m not even sure about my career focused, money oriented goal that I set this afternoon, anymore.

I felt so happy when I biked home in the beautiful summer evening after a great friendship/work dinner with Mango - and when I got home I was met by a HUGE bunch of red roses (a surprise from P) on the kitchen table - that it feels as if it doesn´t really matter what will happen with work or money, as long as I have this, always...


M said...

Once again, great blogg!

I read this thread and it's funny as I was all day thinking today what i'm actually doing at my work.

I'm not feeling happy, neither feeling that i'm enjoying peoples' lives....

i think it's time to move on and your blog inspired me. Now i feel excited and inspired!


Keep on writing :)

mojo said...

Thank you so much, I´m delighted that you like MOJO!

It´s incredibly empowering: that magical moment when you truly realize that you are the designer of your own future, the key holder to your own life.

Take charge,
Make the change,
and most of all, enjoy the ride!

Lots of love