Cloning oneself might not be a bad option, after all...


Isn´t it weird how, when you constantly work with developing yourself, learning about yourself and you think you sort of got it, something happens/comes along and throws you off balance? And not even gently, but more like a hurricane blowing your head off....

Yes, this is what makes life wonderful, fascinating and sort of, well, unpredictable and it teaches us about humbleness and to remember the fact that we are never, ever fully learned. About anything.

In my case, this whole week, and to be honest, this last month has been a wake-up call for me. I´ve come to realize that I have to go back to basics and re-learn how to say NO.
(Whooooha, this is something that I thought I HAD already learned, which meant that I thought I did it often enough, but, hell no, it´s like: "Let´s do that lesson again... How did I do that? Oh, yes that´s right, run through the procedure in your head
of which things that needs to be dealt with and prioritize. P.R.I.O.R.I.T.I.Z.E."

I really thought there for a while that it´s possible to do Everything. That Everything is just a state of mind. That Everything comes naturally. Ehrm... As a matter of fact: It does not.

Soooo, me coaching myself, has given me the following homework: in the next 24-36h, set a Top 3-list of work related things that I will be doing this autumn/winter.

Top 3, mind you,
not the Top 54.268-list...

Everything that falls outside of that list will get a NO. Thank you for asking, but NO thank you.

Wish me luck....

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