A snake in Paradise


I have always wondered what you do in a hot country when the novelty of scorching temperatures, great beaches, fab swimming water and beautiful sunsets have started to wear off?

Is it possible to work during above conditions? And if so, with what? I know there is air-conditioning and I know that hot countries also have a working government, police force (well, sort of), supermarkets, hospitals, etc etc, but I most honestly say that I find too good weather uninspiring.

Strange, I know, coming from one of the biggest sun-worshippers ever, but, to be honest - it is lucky that I live in a fairly cold climate. I would not get half the stuff done here that I do at home.

I admire southern Europeans. How they even get around to finish school, let alone get a career or start a company is a victory that I am not sure I would have been able to achieve if I lived here.

As you can tell, my head is turning into mush. Looking forward to having my brain cells back on Wednesday. Otherwise, all is beautiful in paradise! :)

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