Midsummer´s Orgasm

Lovely result, eh?


After a beautiful midsummer´s weekend, I´m back at home. Midsummer´s eve was spent with 6 great friends in the country side. We ate, talked, laughed, ate some more, discussed, laughed and then finally, ate again. :) None of the people present were drinkers, so no "snaps" at the table, but there were some whiskey consumed later at night.
I used to HATE midsummer´s weekend. It reminds me of my late teens, where I seemed to have the habit of ending up at parties way out from civilization.

Obligatory ingredients would be:

- uncontrollable drunkeness
- someone who breaks down and cries
- at least one couple splitting up
- 1 good fight (involving blood)
- someone kissing (or even worse, shagging) someone else´s partner

(...and not very rarely, it would of course, be the same 3-4 people involved in all of the activities above...)

...by the time hell was let loose, I would be off, trying to hitch hike my way back home...

Sadly, for MOJO readers (it would have made a fabulous thread, wouldn´t it), this midsummer lacked all of the above and that´s what made it great!

Now, returning home from another relaxed evening at P´s sister´s, I decided to clean out my training wardrobe. 2h later you can see the result above. Those are my training clothes. Yes, I know, do one REALLY need that many training outfits? Ehhhrm. Apparently. And I´ve just to give away about 2 carrier bags of stuff that I do not use.

I have to admit, cleaning out wardrobe space - and seeing the result afterwards, is almost as good as an orgasm. You know what I mean.


Anonymous said...

country side = countryside, - that´s one word :p

mojo said...

Oh! Of course, you are absolutely right. Thanks!

I was more worried about doing the word "orgasm" justice (one of my favourite words, by the way) and must therefore have lost focus for a moment or two...


Marit said...

My result was 3 bags of stuff I never ever use again :D Well, ended up with buying one bag of new stuff.. That was even more fun ;)

Jo said...

Talk for yourself MO :)

I can check all on the list above!!!

U complete me :)