Jo, Don't quit your DayJob :)

How can it be....

As I plug in my camera from the weekend, these are THE ONLY pics I managed to take...

The NIKE Team members really enjoyed the Fashion Show...
There was something for everybody

As a winner of the sailing competition I got the BIGGEST room with two floors :)

DAGENS RIS/ROS goes to the guy in the restaurang bathroom, sthlm saturday night- Whom I yelled at - GET OUT OF THE LADIES ROOM - he yelled back - GET OUT OF THE MENS ROOM!
Soo sorry I now se that you were right, my appologies :)

Do you want to EVOLVE - I got the monster for you! I am now a Full Skilled RedCord Trainer
Watch out

Yep, that was pretty much it!
I'll keep my photoskills as a hobby for now... or what do you say :)

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