Getting our GROOVE on

I joined Misty this morning in her GROOVE class at Gymnasium.
It was awesome to see the transformation in the group, going from slightly stiff to living it out fully, Misty-style.
This woman has an amazing gift to get people feeling comfortable and beautiful in their own skin.

Ps. If you missed the class today, you´ll have a second chance tomorrow at 12.00pm!

With gorgeous friend and dedicated GROOVer: Misty Tripoli

Laying some ground "rules" in the beginning of class: Be yourself and follow your OWN body groove, don´t be "boring" and do what anyone else is doing... Break out of the box...

The whole yummy crew of Gymnasium´s AMAZING GROOVers!

- Blinged from my iPhone


Åsa said...

Hon är verkligen underbar!Hoppas att hon kommer på Nike Cinvention igen. Hade grymt kul på hennes Spirit Groove 2006.

mojo said...

Åsa: Hon är lika underbar som hon ser ut. Äkta, varm och helt enkelt super-yummy!
Ja, det hoppas jag med.