Misty Tripoli is coming to town

The whole day has passed in 120km/h.
I´m surprised I actually got around to do anything, since I felt like a headless chicken most of the morning, just running around aimlessly.
Right now each day consists of a well structured to-do-list with 3 of the day´s most important things listed. It´s the only way to live my life right now.

Friday-Sunday, my dear friend Misty Tripoli is coming to town!
Misty is a MEGASTAR in the fitness world - several times nominated as the most influential and most innovative dance presenter at different conventions all over the world.
She cannot be described - she must be experienced.

You can dance/train/experience/live/sweat/love Misty´s amazing GROOVE classes at Gymnasium/Elixia Sisjön this coming weekend - Do NOT miss OUT!
Dancer or not dancer, everybody can do her classes - you just need two legs and a heart.

Saturday 10.30-11.30 16 October
Sunday 12.00-13.00 17 October

Free for members,
non-members pay 180SEK


J said...

Vet inte om jag sagt det än, men älskar ny headern! *kram!

mojo said...

J: We love you! :)

Mo & Jo