Djerba in pictures

Whoppa! The group. In one photograph. Well, almost.

Not your average Gothenburg evening...
Foto: Kattis Lundin

JOJO in action... Foto: Kattis Lundin

I KNOW for SURE I put it here somewhere... Foto: Kattis Lundin

SHAKE your BOOTY! Foto: Kattis Lundin

Andreas on the golf course

Early pick up for the golfers

Camilla, our golf-pro, looking at home on a giant horse

Right at the start of "Lengthen & Strengthen"

Back in Gothenburg after an action packed week in Djerba.
I feel happy and blessed.
For a pilot project, it felt great.
There are always things to work at and I already know which things to keep and which things to change for next time, but all in all, I´m very pleased with the week.
I´m particularly pleased with the group.
What a lovely crowd!
Mixed ages, couples, singles, friends, training pros, beginners, golfers, yogis, men, women, daughters, mothers, etc etc - what a mixed bunch, with one thing in common: the love of movement and the will and drive to discover something new.

THANKS to ALL for making this a week to remember, I´m humbled by your prescense.

Lovely ladies getting ready for yoga
Mona (right) is a yoga regular of mine and a ray of sunshine every Wednesday morning at 9am.

Malin & mum (Åsa Grüneberger)

Sam & Martin doing their thing

Sus & Camilla

Pernilla celebrating her 40th birthday - the holiday being her birthday present!

Liselotte, Lena & Lotta

My gorgeous"neighbors": Sara & Erika
You can read more about Djerba Golf & Wellness on Sara´s blogg Träningsglädje.

With Erika just after class

Giving mum a cuddle

Welcome meeting
Foto: Kattis Lundin

With wonderful Malena Andersson
Foto: Kattis Lundin

Andreas NOT biting the dust
Foto: Kattis Lundin

Leading the "Kick your ass Team"
(...which just happened to win the team challenge, by the way....)
Foto: Kattis Lundin

Sus showing Martin how it´s done
Foto: Kattis Lundin

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