Finally, I can tell...

It´s time to go HOME!

And even as we speak, I´ve started to plan and work and brainstorm for our next Golf & Wellness trip in October 2011.

Well, actually the 3rd training camp for 2011 to be more precise...

I can finally disclose the big SECRET: Incycle has signed with GöteborgsVarvet to be the producer of Varvet´s first ever RUNNING CAMP!

11-18 March 2011, we go to Bahia Feliz in Gran Canaria for a full week of RUNNING, RUNNING and even MORE RUNNING!

...and if running is not your bag, but group training is, Wellness Thailand 13-28 March 2011, might be more your thing? 1 week in paradise together with world-renown names...

You can check it all out on Incycle.se - let me know what you think!

A big shout out to Jessica for the design & Meddi for the technical help.


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Anonymous said...

Vilken trevlig nyhet. :)

mojo said...

Magnus, Fredrik, Emil: KUL att ni tycker det!!!
Otroligt spännande projekt. Fortsättning följer... :)