Working 9-5?!

What a way to make a living!!!

No that's NOT my cup of tea at al!

I'd rather start early (or laaaate), have some siesta in the middle and then get back to it when the sun hots the horizon :)

Yesterday I wrote about not having my YOGA MOJO going!
Let me tell U - soon after I wrote that it came flyin in to me and I did a 2 hour practice with my teacher Ana Forrest on the terrace :)

I could almost KILL her a couple of times for holding me in those damn hard poses for sooooo long ARGGHHH hahahahah

BUT - The rewards afterwards were ENDLESS!

I might even do it later 2day again ;)

After a sweet morning session yoga with Mo, breakfast, some MAC work I am now of to the pool area! Not to do some laps BUT to kick ass play style with Mr ROBIN :)

We are GREAT together - kinda like the same stuff :)



Kisses from the palm trees in DJERBA


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soffan said...

Åh, JoJo, jag ska visst få köra kvartal för dig den här rundan. Det blir första gången. Ska bli GRYMT kul :) !!