Mission accomplished

Day 2 of the ITS Convention.
When you look at the photographs below, you would think I´ve done nothing but pose today...which could not be further from the truth.

I taught a MOJO yoga class at 10.40. I stripped it down to the very bare essentials, since the students´ English is quite shaky here. It worked out well! There was a nice flow to the class and everyone could follow.

I´m actually pleased with both my classes today.
My second being a kettlebell class.

Try to prepare for a class with 24 kettlebells instead of 50, with half of the kettlebells being the wrong weight...

I made a workshop type class and had the participants working in pairs throughout the whole session. I´m satisfied with the outcome and I had lots of good feedback after the session - so happiness all around!

We´re having an early dinner tonight and tomorrow at 6.00am we´re heading off to the airport. After travelling all day, we´ll land in Sweden tomorrow night.

How much do you think I´m looking forward to going home right now?

Oh, and we got to judge an "Instructor of the year"-competition.
The relentless judges: Marcus, Lionel, Julio, Mango & me.

POSING with some of my kettlebell students after class

Mission accomplished:
I´ve now officially taught girya/kettlebell in its homeland Russia!


Alexander said...

Ha! That is very cool to teach kettlebells in Russia!
I think you appreciate coming back to Sweden even if seems to have been a very nice journey :-).

mojo said...

Thanks Alex!
It was an experience...and it was interesting to see how little people in the Russian fitness industry knew about kettlebells/kettlebell training.
Oh, it´s fab to be back!

Hope your training is going good!