Prezzies all around

How nice to land at home in one´s kitchen after 4 days away!

And what a lovely surprise:

A beautiful necklace from Dogeared was waiting for me in the post.
Thank you, thank you, thank you JESS!
Although, I do feel BAD. I should be the one sending HER prezzies. You will see why this week.

Some of the things that got to travel back to Gothenburg from the Norweigan "tax-free":

Nail Colour 505 Particulière (I wasn´t too sure about this one at first, I´m a bit sceptical when it comes to beige nail polish...), Lipgloss 144 Glossimer, Nail colour 473 Coromandel

More expensive than in Sweden, but what to do when you need some distraction?
Also, I AM addicted to Chanel´s nail polishes and lipglosses...