Day 2 in Novosibirsk

Gothenburg was colder than Siberia this morning. How funny is that?
-3 beats 0 degrees.
1-0 Gothenburg.

Here´s my day in pictures:

Novosibirsk is not afraid of colour here and there...

This was the best food choice out of several bad ones.

Yes, that is a processed "fish" with white rice, some very scared tomatoes/cucumber and black tea.

Lots of lifting bars = like. Although the flooring leaves a lot to be required.
Spot the squash court in the background.

The fitness club has it´s own boxing area. I´d spend some time here if I was a member.

Do you know what this is? These are heavily photo-shop:ed photographs of the training staff...
There were 12-14 more pictures like these around the gym. I had to ask:
"Ehhrm...are these your trainers?"
It was.

Dinner at the hotel.
Better than lunch.

I miss these 2 guys so much my heart bleeds.


Träningsglädje said...

tack för dina fina bildinlägg!! känns som jag följer dig mer real life nu! :)

mojo said...

:) Tack, vad kul att du tycker det!

Hoppas du har det fint och att det går bra med "rullandet"?