This pic was taken in January 2007 I think... Where MOJO was born - exactly right there on that bed in FINLAND in front of my my beloved MAC (which has been reincarnated into several other MACs and is now an AIR BOOK :)

I have said it before!

But I need to be reminded again - HOME is where the HEART is!

And I am now on the last day starting to land in Djerba - I am touching ground much thanks to my own yoga practice and the VIEW of the amazing yogins and yoginis around me (weather they know it or not ;)

After a smooth yogalates this morning I remind myself of how REALLY LESS IS MORE!

So often in my life I find myself pushing, pulling, screaming (inside ;) like a child to get where and what I want. When I KNOW from experience that the times LIFE has evolved into WHAT I wished for were the times when I had to courage and calm to LET GO!

My guiding STAR in this is MEDITATION MEDITATION MEDITATION! (moving, sitting still, breathing - doesn't matter - JUST DO IT!)

Meditating in the morning literally blesses your entire day. It expands time, calms your nervous system and restores your cells. It makes forgiveness easier because it opens the heart. It interrupts the ego’s proclivity for attack and defense, retrains your attitudinal musculature and delivers you to inner peace. Plus, it is free. Now our excuse for not doing it is what, exactly?



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