Being unfaithful

I wrote in my Twitter today:

"I´m so in LOVE with strength training right now,
that even doing yoga make me feel unfaithful..."

Strange, since yoga was my first love out of the two.

I desperately needed this morning´s session with power cleans, military presses, deadlifts and pull-ups. After a crazy four days of spinning galore in Trondheim and a week of work + "only" group training classes in Djerba, my body was craving some heavy weights.
That´s addiction for you.

I topped the day off with a 6-peak-intervall class at 17.30.
Wonderful crowd and more or less all my regulars were present.

I´ll miss them next week, when, instead of sitting on my bike, I´ll be on my 17h+ journey going to SIBERIA for 6 days. Somebody do something... I MUST be mad.


Tobias said...

Mmm grispass! Me like! ;-)
Will practice drooling in style 'til next time!

Kram /T

mojo said...

Tobbe: I´m honoured.
KUL att se dig igen!
Hahahaha, you always drool in style!