Travel tiny?! Do you?!


(mango - AMG obviously means apple, mint, ginger.... ;)

This Monday I'm running around like a mad person - trying to get things done - let me tell you doing things in a STRESS mode DOSE NOT make you more efficient!

And look at my packing, it is neat yeah - but TO MUCH!

I'm going away for 3 weeks and my goal is pretty much to NOT unpack in-between (since I only have around 24h in-between the trips!)

Oh well - let's see what happens!

At the moment I can't wait to sit in the air plane - since then I CAN'T do anything about the stuff I forgot or didn't have time to do - LOVE IT! Just PURE ACCEPTANCE

Next time - From DJERBA :)


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Terese Alvén said...

Underbar packning! KRAM