In search of PERFECTION

Where did the week go?
Tonight our American guests arrive and I´m so looking forward to a weekend of family- and friends time.

It´s been all go since we got back from Djerba and I´m amazed about how much fun/work/play/juicy stuff you can possibly cramp into one little life!

Again: What on earth did I do before???

Becoming a mother has clearly narrowed my focus even further, yet I have more new projects on the go than ever. How does that conundrum work?

Actually, the reason for this post is this: during the last few weeks I´ve had several very interesting discussions and conversations with some extraordinary women.
All of whom are top of the line in their chosen fields.
These women are employees today and all of said women have a dream of breaking out and starting up on their own.

What´s keeping them?

Well, here´s the interesting part, although these women are in very different work areas, the main reason to why they are hesitating going it alone, is one and the same, the search/wait/expectation/fear/longing/hindrance of perfectionism.

Somewhere deep inside these women, there´s a little voice probing them:

Are you really good enough? Will someone really want what you´re selling?

How often do you think that these thoughts stops a man from starting up his own business?
I think sometimes, but I do not think it happens as often. What do you think?

Listen to me: Perfection will NEVER occur. If that´s what you´re waiting for, you will be waiting a lifetime and more.
Yes, there are risks involved in going it alone and yes, it´s scary as hell at times and yes, be ready to work your ass off...but in the end is it all worth it? Hell yeah!

If you really and truly LOVE what you are doing and you have a shipload of common sense + dare to trust your gut feeling, you will be handsomely rewarded.

The freedom, the excitement, the rush of adrenaline, all the new incredible people you will meet and the amazing places (both physically and mentally) you will discover along the way, makes entrepreneurship the trip of a lifetime.

I´d love to see more women taking the leap and if I could encourage/inspire only one woman to put perfection aside and help her truly believe in herself and her talents, I would be so incredibly happy.

Make the first step today, however small.
Stop looking for "it". You ARE already THERE.
Do it now.


jessica said...


Lisa said...

thank you mo, for these wise words. I am jumping and really scared but I know there is no turning back! :-)

Helena said...

Bra skrivet. Makes one think...a lot. Kram till dig Mo!

mojo said...

Tack vackra, starka kvinnor!


Anonymous said...

Tack Mo! Dessa ord kom i precis rätt tillfälle (as always :))
Ha en fantastisk lördag, du Amazon.
Vi ses. Kram Catrin

mojo said...

Catrin: Go on and SHINE...


lollostapel said...

So truee, So good, love it!

Träningsglädje said...

helt rätt. if not now, then when?

mojo said...

Lollo & Sara: NU är den bästa tiden! :)