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Weather you're a yogi, student or teacher, someone who is fascinated about being a HUMAN BEING you have to come to this! Take one class, two or all FIVE!!!
The sessions are filled with POWER and David is a a GREAT teacher meaning that he con not only do COOL stuff - but actually TEACHES IT!!!

David Andre Regelin is a native new yorker. His practice of yoga began in 2001.
His first official teacher training was in the free-form vinyasa style. His early teaching style was a very athletic and highly energetic Vinyasa blend with Kung Fu influences. David later discovered Dharma Mittra which shifted his intention to spiritual cultivation. Soon after David discovered the potency and magic of Yogi Bhajan's Kundalini yoga, and the depth, precision, metaphor and fluency of Esoteric Taoist Yoga with Nevine Michaan.
Davids goal as teacher is to teach students to "be a light unto oneself" (krishnamurti), and use the discipline of yoga as a means to that end.
David named his class Multi-Intenso as it is intense in multiple ways with multiple influences and multiple dimensions.
check out www.multi-intenso.com for more info.

class descriptions:
multi-intenso is a powerful physical yoga practice. it combines techniques from various disciplines, such as gymnastics, modern dance, and pilates to form a fluid moving meditation set to music.

NOVEMBER 2010 - Sportlife Exclusive
26 FRE kl 18-20
27 LÖR kl 1130-1330 & kl 1430-16
28 SÖN kl 11-13 & kl 1430-16

1 klass 350kr
2 klasser 600kr
Alla klasser (5st) 1 250kr

För SPORTLIFARE: (instruktörer och medlemmar!)
1 klass 300kr
2 klasser 550kr
Alla klasser (5st) 1 000kr

If you want a spot place your payment to JIRA BG 4780821 (write your FULL NAME) and email JIRA@ME.COM with your name and what classes you want to attend :)

Can't wait to see David here in Sweden!!!

Lot's of LOVE Jo

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