Show up

What a great event done by handsome EWC crew in Borås yesterday!

Fierce Fashion and Otroliga Oskar Linnros :)

This Sunday is pretty soft, picking up the pieces from the Saturday, taking care of my BO,

Driving a tiny but fast car - listening to old rock n roll :)

And then doing the Ana Forrest 2h class since I just signed up for the TT in London January 2011 :)


Oh and yes, on the to do list is also:

Doing my accessory training
Packing for Djerba
Answering emails
Blogging - check :)
Going down to the storage in the basement finding stuff to pack for Djerba
Calling my MOM

Hm... Quiet a lot to do - let's see what happens :)

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

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soffan said...

Haha, busy girl :). Hoppas Djerba blir toppen!