"A person travels for many days to the Himalayas to seek the word of an Indian holy man meditating in an isolated cave. Tired from his journey, but eager and expectant that his quest is about to reach fulfillment, he asks the sage, “What is the meaning of life?” After a long pause, the sage opens his eyes and says, “Life is a fountain.” “What do you mean life is a fountain?” barks the questioner. “I have just traveled thousands of miles to hear your words, and all you have to tell me is that? That’s ridiculous.” The sage then looks up from the floor of the cave and says, “You mean it’s not a fountain?"

What is the meaning of life to you?!

After spending another week in a PARADISE resort with people who I really LOVE this comes to mind.
At first I felt that maybe I have taken VATTEN ÖVER HUVUDET with this many retreats in one month, how can I top the previous one, how can I once again engage with the group and feel the strong connection that I felt with the last one..?!

But I DID - Profoundly!
And I am amazed, humbel, filled with gratitude and love as I am sitting in the bar/lounge, the sun has gone down and the stars are starting to sparkle around me.
I am waiting for two gorgeous MEN opposite me is an older version of myself - Mommy dearest!

This week has been amazing in the sense of:
Food (a bit to much deliciousness perhaps but what the F!)
Make over - I Do have the BEST hairdresser and stylist in the WORLD!
Seminars - Economy, Feng Shui, Style, Health, Trends
Night Clubbing
Massaging and getting massage
Getting to know people who will stay SOULMATES forever even better :)

Can't wait to come back here in MAY 2011! And guess what - THAT time YOU can come to !!!!
Want to join us to Paradise?!

LOVE Jo + the stars

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