In BED with a Yogi

Nästa blir väl confessions on a dancefloor ;)

Skämt o sido!

MY lovely MOJO's - the updates from DJERBA are under all criticism!!!!

In my deafens - I was so up and ready to upload the VIDEOS and pics I have taken - but then Tunisia decides to X-RATE it or something! I can't even log on to YOTUBE from here...?!

Anyhows ;) We are having a FANTASTIC time!
Me, my BO, Mo, her boys, and I think also the participants!

A typical day for me here:

0645 Wake up call
Some warming up

0745 Me teaching the morning session - yoga/pilates/core :) YUM

0900 BREAKFAST Buffe - YUM! I go for the omelette and then yoghurt with al the yummey fruit and nuts!!!

1000 chillin in our master bed until the SUN calls us up and out!
Beach/Pool chillin!

12/13 ish LUNCH by the pool - Yummey MEZZE!
Childish fooling around in the pool :)

At this point I am starting to think that I should REALLY do my own training!!! The one that my PT expects me to advance at once I am back home.... BUT NOPE - It just isn't coming to me - the craving of training.... so at the moment I am just letting it be!

17 time for my 2nd class of the day - Dynamic Training/Afro/Free Power :)
Shower and cocktails in the room before magnificent dining under the stars

And then.... LOVE IS IN THE AIR

This is pretty much it :)

I am trying to squeeze in some email reading and important things as such but MAN do i find it hard to motivate it ... I am soooo in the CHILL mode !!!

I am thinking maybe to LET IT BE like that - at least for this week - I will work harder in Turkey and Portugal - or what do you think ;)


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