How many aerobic presenters does it take to change a flat tyre?

Day 4 in Siberia and first day of the convention.
I had the "pleasure" to teach the very last class of the day, so I thank Mango for keeping me alert, awake and on top of things. He also graced the stage together with me during my yoga class, which meant the world (I could work the room without people getting lost) and he got to actually do the movements without having someone´s butt in his face (I´ll explain later).

According to Mango (my travelling husband, BTW) one should do "HIGH/LOW"/ "RIS & ROS" at these events (or "BRA eller ANUS" if you´d prefer), so here goes (Non-English speaking readers you can probably figure it out):

* the fact that the delegates are so DESPERATE to copy choreography/moves straight off and therefore spend 50% of the time writing in their notebooks. I´m sorry, but who the hell is going to understand "...left leg lift, bounce 3 times, jump to right, wiggle butt, stretch arm diagonally to the ceiling..." even half a day later?
* the fact that about 40% of the delegates are incredibly unfit. And with that I mean either lack of strength, unbalanced, unconditioned or mentally weak (not unstable, weak).
If this is their livelihood (the absolute majority are working instructors), one wonders how they make a penny?
* the food.

* More smiles and warmth all around from the delegates! The whole country seem happier than last time I was here. Recession or no recession.
* The 60% of the delegates that get it, really get it.
And they are grateful, happy, fun & work hard.
* The fact that the Body & Mind classes are PACKED OUT! I mean so packed out that you can´t fit one more person on the floor. In Russia? Who would have thought?

Also the company rocks!

Mango showing how to be professional, even when the stage and the ceiling meet half way and he has to teach his whole Functional Moves class with "broken wrists". You go, MangoMo!

Mango is the most allround-trained athlete I know.
A true inspiration to what can be done with a human body.

...and when he´s not shining on stage, he´s my travelling husband...

...making sure I do NOT have to eat this for lunch...

...but instead can make myself an organic Muso soup (that should really be "Mango" soup).
I´m like the irresponsible teenager who always forgets to bring her packed lunch when I travel for work with JO & Mango...
Shame on me.

Lucky I have such amazing friends!

The venue where the event is held.

At dinner with Anton, the organizer,

Marcus Schweppe (D) - who ended up being questioned by Russian boarder police, as he tried to enter the country under "false pretenses" and

Lionel Obringer (F)
- who sms:ed Anton to say that he couldn´t find the driver at...Moscow airport. When Anton answered: "Moscow? You´re going to Novosibirsk.", Lionel replied:
"Can I catch a cab there?"

Distance Moscow - Novosibirsk: 3.000km

Thanks guys for keeping us entertained!

Missing in this picture: Julio Papi (S) and Varvara, organizer.

Mango and I relaxing at dinner

...and the answer to the headline?
Although Julio actually did most of the work.

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