On a train back home

Portugal was amazing
So was Djerba and Belek!!!
I am amazed that I did it :)
3 weeks of different kind of work. Connecting with over 350 new yogis altogether :)))

Now I am looking fw to getting back into routines, meeting my private clients whom I've missed so much + my regulars in class!
Back in teacher trainings and into my own training routine!
I am filled with love, energy and power for these two last months of 2010!
It has been a rough year physically! But I can feel it turning, and now I am mentally stronger than ever!

Congrats to Mo, Christine and Mango who now have their own PT spaces - all I can say is that it ROCKS and it is one of the best things that I have ever done!
Miss my space so so much...

And hey - I ran 17.8 km in the mountains this Thursday! Whoppa hardcore and with the time 1:42 :) last time I ran was 5k and thats when I sprained my ankel...
Yoga rules this body and mind !!!

Let's rock November yogis!

See you at Davids ws?
Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

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