Holistic Training Camp 2010

The sun is shining, we wake up only to jump into our tights and roll out the yoga mat - some meditation to set the intention then we're off :)

As we roll out of shavasana we can smell the breakfast - and out bodies are fully open to take it all in.

Then it's time for some salt-water, the ocean is calling us :)

Life is BLISS!

I agree - the cappuccino tastes more like hot chocolate, but hey - is that really a bad thing:?

I'm travelling with 4 BOYS/MEN and I must admit that I love the FEELING :) Everything is so easy, things work out naturally - FLOW.

My co-workers and witches if you like ;) since they are TRULY MAGICAL - they INSPIRE - and isn't that what it is all about?!

To foster your body, make it into a pleasant hOMe for your spirit to settle into.

I think so and this week for ME is all about that :)

TIP of the DAY on our WEBB TV here!!!!

I do miss my clients and students in Gothenburg, my mother in Annelöv, my brother in Halmstad, grandma in Lund and amazing friends who are not with me here.

Sending you all L O V E with plenty of care-taking and room for SPIRIT to have a party in and go NUTTERS!

longing to chill with you


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