All go


Have been home for 48hrs and it feels great!

Tomorrow morning I have breakfast with Febs and then I´m holding a 75min lecture for 40 people from HSB. I´ve been stressed out for a week in Russia, so I decided to feel relaxed about tomorrow´s presentation - and - so far, so good.

On Friday I´m off to Småland, to work in Ljungby on Saturday. Sunday we´ll leave after breakfast to hit Daisy´s name giving-party at 14.00.

And although it´s still all go, it feels quite relaxed in comparison to last week´s havoc. :)

Next week, I´m subbing 2 classes, Monday & Wednesday for JO at Hagabadet, and next weekend I´ll be at the Yoga Show in London. P is holding 2 presentations,"Yoga & injuries-lecture" + "Yoga & injuries-workshop". I´ll be taking classes, shopping and hanging out with Katy Appleton & JO.
Planning to have some time at the Burberry outlet as well. (P doesn´t know yet, but that´s the plan for Sunday...)



Jo said...

Yeahh! Can't wait for you to come Mo! And the burberry outlet, jihaaa! I'll save all the shopping until you come around :)

Love Jo

mojo said...

Miss you, blondie!

Hope you´re having a great time,

See you soon, lovely