Jammin the BOOTEY

Just got back from Oslo, teaching a BodyJam foundation Training. The Girls did a GREAT 3 day hard work. I must admit that there is hardly NOTHING that goes up against some HARD BOOTEY SHAKIN :) Just ask my friend TOM up here :)

Highlights of the weekend:

§ THE GYM, wow! A PURE FRESH NEW gym outside Oslo, FIVE 55. When I arrived there were no lights, no stereo, nothing! But builders are positive people! They looked at the clock and said: "What, there is still 30min till you start right ?!" Ehh, True! And they did it!

§ HANNA, my Les Mills Co-worker were teaching a BodyStep foundation training. She is such a supa girl from UMEÅ, wow! And she is singel :) Like me, we had a lot of fun!

§ The last day, the Jammers hooked up with the steppers for a CHALLANGE! Normännen knows how the BATTLE, yeahhh!

§ two words: TROPIC THUNDER! You have to see this movie.... If you want to you can take me, I'll gladly see it again!

Soo Long Ya'll


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