Warning: "I will tell you the truth"

So my BIKRAM Journey has begun!

Today is my third class in a row and I am actually excited about it J

I long for the heat and the 90min of strict asanas that I have now come to know (kinda, still don’t get how that man could have been practicing 30 days in a row and still suck like that?!).

The BIKRAM Yoga is in Fulham, a 45min brisk walk from where I live, I like that as well. After the bikram class I take the tube in to London and OMG! It’s just too much. I can’t handle it all. Those of you who know me know that I hate missing out on things. I would rather run around (some en skallad ratta) then miss out on a class, an exhibition, a shop or an event! And the problem is that London is jut TO BIG for little me.

However I have made some progress:

  1. The first Bikram Class I was thinking that NO, am I not going to push myself 150% at the first class, so that I feel sick to my stomach, NO I am going to ENJOY it J (Even though Bikram says: Doing anything 99% right really means doing it 100% wrong!). The teacher was really nice and gave some great tips!
  2. Later that same day I went to DANCEWORKS to take a few classes (still a bit exhausted from the bikram I started with a lovely Afro Contemporary 90min class. The teacher was lovely, a black puma and the class were great, still there were only about 6 or 8 of us there. After the Afro my plan was to do a 90min Stretch for Dance class (being a bit tired by now, 99% of me wanted to skip it, but the Hard-Headed Jo decided that I don’t have many days in London so Sharpen up missies!). Half way into the class I decided to LEAVE (very mature of me, another sign of my progress). The class sucked! A black gorgeous hard ass male was screaming at us to keep the rhythm, go on, go on, whilst we were forced to do stupid aerobics a la 80 exercises for forever! And believe it or not the class was packed??! It is so unfair, this business…..
  3. Today I took SOVMORGON (even though I’m in London, every minute in bed= missing out on the city!)

Even though Bikram wouldn’t be proud, I am

Things I LOOOVE that I have occupied myself with the last few days:

v Teaching YOGA

v SHUE UEMURA Shopping (the BEST makeup, hair, facial stuff in THE WORLD)

v WHOOLE FOODS (OMG! I would be ruined if they came to Sweden!)

v HARVEY NICHOLS, Harrods is so 90ies


v WALKING everywhere, I love it

v Sitting reading with a coffee in Nothing Hill

v Victoria and Albert


v Borough Market

So now I am off down to Old Village Wimbledon to have a coffee and some scone before the Bikram class (Bikram says that you can eat ANYTHING when you do yoga, as long as you don’t tattoo yourself, cause your body is not yours, it is GODS, hmm?!, oh well TO LATE J


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