This thread is LONG overdue...what I HATE about travelling...


We´re off to London today. Leaving the house in 1h, so probably should pack?

The best thing with travelling is actually being in the new place. The worst thing is the travelling.

What I hate the most is the airport security control.


They make up rules about "security" which are just laughable. Like the liquid rule-or the lap top-crap, I mean,

what on earth can you REALLY detect from staring at an open laptop, turning it upside down and frowning your forehead???

Or what about having to take your shoes off because some idiot tried to smuggle explosives in his trainers??? And I absolutely LOVE the fact that after you have walked through the detection bars, in your bare socks (feeling like a 5-year old), they still have the stomach to scan off the soles of your feet?????? What the hell is that all about?

I´m sick and tired off being felt up by (Hello, exactely how dangerous can my breasts be??? Obviously LETHAL) different power-hungry and sad "översittartyper" (read Airport-Gestapo) at different airports around the world.

And I know, what some readers will think now: "ohhh, but it´s all good...all these terrorist attacks and don´t we all want to be safe?...etc etc etc". Yes. There needs to be some airport security control - check for guns, drugs, knives, machétes, etc.

But get a grip when it comes to the rest. If someone REALLY wants to blow something up, they won´t attach a big red sticker on the bottom of their laptop saying "explosives" or glue a bomb to the soles of their feet!

Get real and slope the liquid rule, the laptop rule and the laughable shoe rule, Airport Security do not even apply the SAME rules to different airports within the EU!...ehhh, let´s just say that this fact makes it very difficult to take you guys seriously....


Anonymous said...


I think about this every single time I fly and the fact that we are treated worse than cows on the field! especially is it when you need to take off your shoes. Come on man!

The thing about liquid is pure business, forcing people to buy water for an incredibly high price.

As you say, bombers/terrorist/whatever can make abomb from anything if they really want it. checking shoes, computers (yes this is really silly) etc is so stupid and backwards.

Worse is those Airport gestapos checking out people they want to check, read: old fat policeman wanting goodlooking girls to be checked by hand. Seen too many of those.

Let people be free!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Det roligaste du skrivit Monkan. Skrattade rätt vilt när jag tänker på ilskan som osade ur dina fingrar när du skrev! Kan tänka mig att din mun var som ett litet streck, med ryckningar i läpparna samt utvidgade pupiller och uppspärrade näsborrar. Eventuellt kanske det till och med det började ackumuleras lite vitt i ena mungipan!!

mojo said...

Thank you M, for your comment.

It´s nice to know that there are more of us out there reacting to this stuff.


mojo said...

Du har helt rätt!!!! Jag går igång bara jag tänker på airport security!!!

Herregud, om blickar kunde döda, hade jag fått stå till svars för en hel del... ffa efter följande kommentar:

"Turn around, take of your shoes and put them on the belt..."