Yoga + Competition


I'm in london now and I'm thinking of joining a BIKRAM Studio (Hot Hot yoga). They have a challange, 30days non stop Bikram! I remember taking a bikram class here last year and at the end of the class the teacher announces: And a big congrat to MARK who just completed the 30 Day Challange (meaning he had been doing 90min of HOT hard yoga EVERYDAY for 30 days!) All I could think was: Oh my GOD, 30 days and thats the BEST he could do!!?! (Mind, the sequence is THE SAME, always!!)

Well perhaps it is my turn, to step up for the callange? Was thinking of starting today but... I got stuck reading, so I'll start tomorrow! U can follow my challange here on MOJO!

Wish me Luck :)

Love Jo

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