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Wow, it´s been a long day. Got up at 5am to take the red eye from Oslo to Gothenburg. As I got of the plane, I managed a 10 second cuddle & kiss with JO, as she was waiting to board the Oslo flight that I arrived with! Good luck in Norway this weekend, Jojo! :)

Since I had so much on my agenda today, I decided to go straight to the gym when I got home (instead of feeling sluggish all day). This meant that I was doing dead lifts and serious squats by 9am! Whoha!

At 10am I was in line with the other computer nerds at Inet. Walked out with the Acer Aspire One (damn you, Matt!)... I´ll be too busy this weekend to even get it out of the box, but at least in the future I will have only 900g to carry around with me on airports around the world.
(I really wanted the black one, but it doesn´t seem to be stocked in Sweden, so in the end I went for the oyster white.)
Suddenly I´ve become the owner of a new phone AND a new laptop in less than a week.
At least there haven´t been any new shoes for a while...

Acer Aspire One 150

I´m having a spinning basic certification course Saturday & Sunday, so there were some organizing to be dealt with. Just as I was about to leave Pic-a-deli with my take-away lunch, Mango called and wanted to know if I wanted to meet him and R in said place, so I ended up having the luxury of fun´n´fab company for an hour! M&R always bring a smile to my face and get me in a glorious mood - 5am start or not!

Pink luxury in a bottle...

Also managed to buy the best nail varnish remover in the world - Chanel´s "Dissolvant Doux Nail colour Remover" today. It might not be the cheapest, but it´s outstanding. It was out of stock at the taxfree in Stockholm, Oslo AND Gothenburg - but I can understand why. One sweep and the nail is clean + still intact (not like cheaper removers that might take the colour off, but also manages to take half the nail with it...). Guys, you learn new things every day here at MOJO...

Tomorrow´s P´s birthday! (And I think I am more excited than he is!) I hope he´ll like his birthday presents...

I´ll be working 9-17 Saturday and 8.30-16 on Sunday - but hey, I get to sleep in my own bed and eat at home!

I´m happy. :)

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