World Wide Traveller

Well, I thought so….

After some quality time with my family in Skane:

$ playing ROCKBAND with my brother
$ cooking, grocery shopping with my mom
$ baggage lucke loppis in lund with the world’s BEST grandmother, and mom off course!
$ THE worlds best pedicure (there is a piece of glass left in my foot from having a bit too much fun this summer, ask TONI J)
$ Wonderful late night dinners and tea in front of the TV with my family (including two cats and one dog)

I was off to LONDON to run APPLEYOGA! The business of the amazing KATY APPLETON

Took the train to Copenhagen airport, all set to check in when the attendant asks for my passport, I can’t find it. But hey I have my Swedish EU drivers license, that works J the answer I get is that GB is NOT part of the EU! What?! Come aging…. Off course they are! Well, well some schengen stuff… the final answerer is that they WON’T let me on the flight!!!

It is 930am, I am supposed to teach 2 big classes in London at 630pm… and more classes the day after.

I can only start to imagine what I would be like without my yoga and meditation…

This is what I HAD TO do:

$ Store my luggage (50DK)
$ Take the train back to MALMO (200sek)
$ Walk to the POLICE STATION in Malmo
$ Sit and wait to get a temporary passport (980sek)
$ Take the train back to Copenhagen (200sek)
$ Buy a NEW ticket to LONDON (2000DK)
$ Have to sit and wait until 8pm for my flight (let me tell you, airports do NOT have good FENG SHUI!)

Arrive in Southfields where I stay in Katy’s wonderful appt. at around 1am… what a day!

So there you have it… If I cried?! No, but I really felt like it at times! So if you saw a HARD HEADED short hair blond walking with brisk steps and a mad as killer focus around malmo and Copenhagen yesterday, it was most likely ME!

Off to teach a class now, jihaaaa!

See u soon


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