I Love u
I Love u
I Love u

Why Do I love my Job?

Even though I sometimes wish that I had a daytime job at ICA (a food market) because of all the TRAVELING (hate flying, not good for the environment and I always make the mistake of buying a big Juice or Chai just before I enter the security check, dam it!), the ODD late evenings and full on weekends cramped up with WORK!

I wouldn’t trade it for all the stars in HEAVEN because of this:

Look at these amazing soon to be BODY JAMMERS trying to make a human bridge ☺

Or look at this ASSUME gym just outside of OSLO FIVE55!

When I got there NOTHING was in place but this weekend they hade their GRAND Opening. Man, their members are lucky! For example, every Friday they have a live DJ spinning records and you can chill with a bear or some sizzling wine at the club till midnight!

Not to mention my FAB colleagues, just look at Gorgeous HANNA!!!
Since Oslo is in a FOREIGN COUNTRY it’s best to stick with what you know: IKEAS Meatballs ☺

What a CLUB!
Three POWER WOMEN putting their SOUL, HARD ASS BOOTEE’S and INTELLIGENT MINDS together and create FITNESS MAGIC in the North of Sweden!

Check out my NIKE colleague’s blog, she was there not long ago (piccs from her blog:)!

And for this day!

After spending a weekend working and traveling I sometimes ponder upon the idea that MAYBE it would be nice NOT TO TEACH classes on Mondays! BUT, ONE minute into the class I KNOW why I keep on doing it!

Tonight one of my FAB and FAVORITE (yeas, we do have our favorite members hihi) brought her husband to the AFRO POWER DANCE class. He was the only guy there but my GOD did he shake some booty ☺ !!!

After the class I got an e-mail: He bought a 1-month membership at the club straight after the Dance class!!

But the thing that brought the biggest smile to my face today was this conversation:

Me: Wow, great thing that your husband joined the class tonight!
Her: Yeah, he’s the kind that goes running once every month and comes home hating it even more since he finds it soooo boring!
Me: Oh, well he did a great job tonight, he was so focused and I could tell that he gave it 100% all the time!
Her: Exactly! I want him to find the joy in exercising like I have because I want him to live as long as I!!!!!!

Hahahah This is TRUE LOVE friends! True LOVE

Sleep Tight!


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Jo, you're FAB! Love the blogg! Keep up the great work!!