Day 3 in Siberia


Day 3.

In-Cycle instructors at Dr.Loder fitness center in Moscow

As I was boarding the plane - after hanging around at the airport for about 3.5h, I remembered: I left my 9 heart rate monitors in Sergeys car!!!! Couldn't believe it! For a moment I was worried that I had brought them out of the car and forgot them on a luggage carrier somewhere (as I've done with several half-read books...). But then when I backed-tracked, I was sure I forgot them in the car...

Red Square from a car window...

Luckily enough they were with Sergey and will find their way back to me in one way or another, either by post or when I stop by in Moscow for 4h on my way back to Sweden...Sergey, I buy you a HUGE breakfast if you happen to drop by Domododevo on Monday morning!!! :)

Arrived in Novosibirsk at 4.55am.
Got to the hotel at 6am and fell asleep around 6.30.
When my alarm went at 9.50am I had no idea where I was, who I was or where I was going....
Luckily a hot shower shook me up a bit and I even got breakfast in this hotel! YEEEAAH!
2 boiled eggs, some cereal and an almost sandwich (bread older than 4 days doesn't count as a sandwich...).

View from a car window in Novosibirsk...

Got to the fitness center around 10.45 and left at 18.30. It's been a long day-and yes, there were 23 people and 11 bikes. It's in these situations that your "flexibility" really gets tested.
At the end of the day, at least the people seemed very happy and there were even smiles all around....

Now it's room service, vitamins and BED! Cannot wait!!!!

By 21.00 I'll be sleeping like a baby....




Jennie said...

Är så trevligt att kunna få resa med dej i bloggen, när mina egna resor är väldigt begränsade.
Vi syns snart!

mojo said...

Ahhhh, du är varmt välkommen tillbaks, Jennie!

Ska bli kul att ses. :))