Day 2 in Moscow


Day 2.

The sun is actually shining here in Moscow.
Leaving for Novosibirsk tonight, will arrive 4.55am tomorrow morning and start the 2-day training course at 10am...

Found a descent cappuccino this morning! Thank the powers above for small mercies! :)

Looking forward to see Per Markussen & Tony Stone at the weekend.

If Russia was a song it would definitely be "Firestarter" by the Prodigy.


At the airport. In one piece. I've "only" seen 2 car accidents in two days this time. Last visit (which was in February 2007) I saw 6 car accidents in 3 days - the worst one was a car doing a 360 in the lane next to us. Not to be recommended.

Sergey and his crew at the Dr.Loder Fitness Club have looked after me well. They are great people, very friendly and helpful.
It's not their fault that my hotel was a complete nightmare and that I was placed miles away from where I was working.

Russian people fascinate me. They are so serious and look so hard. Yesterday, when I was buying a ginormous barbecued chicken I was wondering why the men in the kebab shop were staring like crazy. (I mean, it's not like they haven't seen Asian people before). When I got back to my hotel I realized what makes me stand out here. I laugh. I laugh a lot. And loudly. Not extremely common in this country, I've noticed. As a matter of fact, most people look like they have "sold the butter and lost the money" as we so wonderfully say in Sweden.

I probably would too after a week or three. Apart from the absolutely stunning churches and ginger-bread inspired official buildings (think KREML & the RED SQUARE) a lot of Moscow strike me as very grey and tough. People in the underground wear a sea of different greys and blacks. Not a lot of Benetton-colour to be spotted there...

It's always a great lesson to travel the world and the greatest lesson of all:

Celebrate what you have.
Enjoy the little things in the place that you call home.
See the beauty in your everyday life where you are.

Like the clean air and fresh water,
the fact that you can walk or bike to work,
that you have your wonderful partner, friends and family close to you
and that you are in a safe environment.

To be continued...


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