DIAMONDS are a girl´s best friend - Part 2


Ohhhhhhh, another week that FLIES past. Right now it´s a question of keeping my head above water. Tomorrow morning I´m off to Oslo again, jumping on a train to "Brummundal" (I LOVE the sound of that name! It makes me think of the Norwegian children´s program "Bröderna Dal - Professor Drövels hemlighet").

I´m training the staff at Treningskompaniet between 16.30-21.00, then I´m getting a lift back to Gardemoen. I´ll be sleeping at one of the airport hotels, flying back to Gothenburg at 06.40am Friday morning.

I wonder if there will be any time to play with my new toy?

Diamond Touch from HTC, sleeker than an Iphone, with a "diamond"-shaped back... Nice.

I know, I know, I know... I said I would try and stay away from new gadgets for a while.... Well, I managed to say no to iPhone, didn´t I?

And I had a work meeting with Matt today and laid my eyes on his new Acer Aspire One...

So sorry JO, already failed on Mental Detox day 8!....The story continues....


Jennie said...

Bröderna Dahl, ja den kommer man ihåg :) Tyckte den var lite läskig faktiskt...
Ser fram emot att ses på Gymnasium snart. 3 veckor har gått sedan Fabian kom till världen så snart, snart är jag på plats igen.
Ha en trevlig tripp till Brummendal!

mojo said...

Jennie - GRATTIS!!!!

Vad härligt att höra att allt har gått bra.

Ser fram emot att ses på mattan snart igen. :)

Varma kramar