Easiest way of losing 2.500SEK...and not even getting a pair of shoes!


2 yoga classes this morning.
First one at 7am at Hagabadet and second one at 9am at Gymnasium, Sisjön. A lovely start of the day. Hooked up for breakfast with some wonderful people who used to take my classes when I was still at Badet. Nice.

I thought that maybe it would be quiet this week, being the Autumn break and all, but no.... the 9am class was really packed out...

Went home to work for a few hours and had lunch with a friend of mine, M, who is opening a new restaurant in a couple of weeks. He was actually supposed to be opened by now, but due to unreliable handy-men, the whole project is more than 1 1/2months overdue. He was pulling his hair out and looked quite stressed and tired. What´s with that? WHY is it so difficult to find great tradesmen/women when it comes to the building trade? Will that change now, as times becomes tougher? One could certainly hope so.
It´s just as hard finding a good carpenter as it is finding a good doctor these days (ie virtually impossible...).

By the way, Sterling Airways went bust this morning.

Bye, bye return tickets to
ROME next May worth 2.500SEK...

If I look at it soberly, there went my extra 2 pairs of London shoes in an instant....
(....hmmmm.....unless I find something in the sale???...)

2 more classes tonight. 60min spinning (interval) & 45min Kettlebell. Oh, yeah!


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