Millennium Exclusive Convention


Thanks to EVERYONE who joined Matthew Griffiths and me, during yesterday´s Millennium Exclusive Convention!

We had a blast and we are very humbled by your great feedback and
thank you-emails.

Thank you Kristian Rönne (MAI), for letting me read your review about my class back in 1998 (or was it 1996?!) - wow, that was a blast from the past!

Great to see "Styrkan from Värmland" in the house again - good luck with your new club!

Next year the Millennium Convention has its 10th Anniversary... Let´s see what can happen then...

Keep up the good work, the happy spirit and have fun in the saddle! :)

Ps. If you want to read about yesterday´s event from a participant´s point of view, check out the following blogs: Orka Mera & Towards Higher Ground. Thank you Anna & Magnus for the raving reviews!

Me and Matthew at the end of a long, great day...
Photograph courtesy of Magnus Gårdmark from Sportclub, Gothenburg

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