Mental Detox Day 8!

Okej here's a challange for some of you... (perhaps especially for you Mo, my love ;)


If we ake up and think "what should I/We do today", one of the major considerations is how much money we've got. If we have a lot, at the start of the month, then we have more choice than at the end of the month. If we have NO money we tend to think that we cannot do anything, and if we have had a windfall or a win on the lottery then we can do absolutely anything.

Yet having money sometimes stops us thinking about all the options we have. We tend to ignore the simple, straightforward options. Actually there are millions of things we can do that cost nothing!

For ONE whole day(choose saturday or sunday when you have the day of!), you are going to detox your mind of all the short cuts to happiness, and actually think about how to spend your time without spending any money.

To make the whole task a bit more fun, here are some rules:

  1. You get 50SEK BUT only for emergenices - you win extra points if you do not spend them!
  2. The following activities are NOT permitted (they will cost money or won't use any form of imagination)
  • TV
  • Cinema
  • Dining out
  • Shopping
  • Driving anywhere
  • Meeting friends for coffe
  • Bying ice creams
  • Going to the leisure center
  1. The Following activities are DEFINITELY PERMITTED:
  • Having a long relaxing bath
  • Making a cake/having friends for dinner/lunch using foods from the cupboard
  • Wedding in the garden
  • Gaing for a walk/Hike
  • Tidying out your room/cupboard
  • Looking around a local church/museeum/gallery that has FREE entrance
  • Going to the local library
  • Doing a day of voluntary work
  • Sorting out your old clothes, giving them to charity
  • Sorting out your photographs/cds/books
  • Reading
  • Visiting a friend you haven't seen in ages
  • Sewing buttons on to everything that has lost a button
And so on...

Try not to prepare too much. If you think about it too much in advance you may inadvertently get things into the house that will help you entertain yourself! Make a mental note of how you react to having no funds available.

All the luck!!!

And by the way, this is only a preparation for THE BIG DAY!

Jihaaa Let's ROCK!!!

ps. If you tell me your DREAMLIST, I'll tell you mine ;)


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Anonymous said...


Hitta sättet att få tillgång/kontakt med briljanta människors samlade idéer/tankar/sanningar över hela klotet, kunna öppna sinnet o bara ta emot på beställning. Det är en bra dröm för mig.

Kanske yoga kan vara en väg, därför måste jag komma igång med det.