Are you Monika Björn???


I was booked to do a continuing education in Ljungby today.

I left Älmhult around 8am to arrive in Ljungby by 9am (decided that there might be far too many elks just waiting to jump out in front of my car, so better safe than sorry and drive legally for once...).

The center had sent me a great map to follow and it was fairly easy to find the way. After I had parked the car, I brought all my luggage with me inside. There was a lot of people running around with children´s clothes, toys etc, and I spotted a big sign saying "Carboot Sale - Saturday 25 October". There was no one in the reception area, so I walked into the main studio. Lots of tables, stuff and people, but no familiar faces around. (Not that I had ever met the woman who had booked me...).

I walk back out to the reception area and hear someone calling my name: "Monika??"

As I turn around, I see a blond woman approaching me with a friendly face.

"Are you Monika Björn???"

It struck me as a very strange thing to say to someone whom you have booked for a full day to train your trainers....

"I saw you in there, and I thought to myself: Isn´t that Monika Björn?" the woman continues.

"Yes, it´s me..."

"WHAT are you doing here?" (not said in an unfriendly manner, just in sheer curiosity...)

"Ehhhhh... I thought I was working here today?...." I desperately look around. I see the club´s logo... it seems to be the right place?...and then I see the address...It is NOT the right place! What is the likelihood of that? I´m in the deepest forest of Småland and there are two places with almost identical names just next door to each other????

"You´re probably going across the street" the woman smiles and points to the building just opposite where we are.

There I see the right logo.

"I would love to book you another time for us!...and our 3 instructors who went to Millennium 2 weeks ago were SOOOOO pleased and inspired!!!!"

A different start of the day, but oh, so funny!



Cizzi said...

Åh, varför ska jag alltid vara för sent ute? Hade jag vetat att det var utbildning i ljungby hade jag kommit ner. Min pappa bor ju där så det hade vart smidigt... Vad var det för vidareutbildning? =)

mojo said...

Hej Cizzi!

Åhh, det var ju synd!

Det var en uppdateringsdag, med ny info samt pulsbaserad klassdesign.

Nästa gång! :)


Cizzi said...

Åh! Det hade jag verkligen velat gå på. Attan, attan. Men nästa gång som sagt =) Ser fram emot nästa år, Nike konventet och så funktionell turné!

mojo said...

Då ses vi i januari och mars/april i alla fall!