Tuesday in London

Just had some delicious breakfast, painted my toe nails DARK RED :) And the cleaning lady arrived!

Next mission is to teach a 90min class here in Southfields, an intermidiate group of lovelly yoginis!
After that I'll take a brisk 45min (love the word Brisk, so English : ) walk down to the Bikram Yoga. 90min of Hot Hot Hot asana, a sweet cold shower and then I am on the tube to Nothing Hill Gate. There I'll have lunch with a beautiful yogi (perhaps the ELECTRIC, love that place). Some walking and shopping in that amazing area before my next class at Jivamukti with CAT (a wicked teacher from New York, grrr).

Hope I'll have time to stop by Whoole Foods after the class before I take the tube back to Southfields in time to teach my second class that finnishes at 9pm.

So there you have it, just another full on day in LONDON!

Hope you'll have a MAGNIFICANT Day


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