Day 4 and 5


STILL here! :)

Finished the training course on Friday.

2 days, 20 people and 11 bikes later...

After training was finished I had a back massage by someone who must have been Karelin's cousin. 2 meters tall and about 100kg musle. Great for my shoulders though. Exactely what was needed after 4 days of pure stress.

Was amazed to see how many "off" classes that were held at "City Gym". Belly dancing in a push up bra, anyone?

Belly-dancing at City Club, Novosibirsk

Anyway, came back to the hotel about 7pm and had dinner around 8pm with Per, JB & Volkmar.

Time has gone so much faster since the gang arrived! (Thank God!....)

Per Markussen, my dear friend from Stockholm and the Swedish NIKE team

Per Markussen & JB´s manager Volkmar

Marc Oliver, founder of "People in Motion". One of the big names in Europe. Someone I've known for 10 years now, since I was the first to invite him to Sweden all that time ago...

Me and Marc Oliver - 10 years after meeting for the first time in Nürnberg

Tony Stone, the man, the myth, the LEGEND! We haven't seen each other for years and it was amazing to see that he hasn't aged 1(!) single day and he is as wonderful and humble as always... Damn it, if you have ANYTHING to do with dance - you HAVE to know who this man is! He has worked with Michael Jackson, is on speed dial to Britney AND choreographed the opening for the VIPs and extraordinary important people at this year's Olympic Games, God damn it!

Me, Tony Stone and lovely Christine Reiter

Lovely JB + cool manager Volkmar. Yes. Manager. And PR-agent.
So...: someone with class 1 organization skills, who is a complete negotiation and PR-wizz, preferably with fluent German, Italian, English, Swedish (Russian?) wanted for demanding, kick-ass, strong-headed, creative, control freak. Salary not negotiable.

Ego-photo together with JB

Christine Reiter, multi-talented and nice woman whom I've never met before! Teaches dance, house, Pilates (and Pilates to house music - I LIKE this woman!) + muscle classes.
Chris - friendly and fun guy from Germany, who teaches Hot Iron and is much too nice for his own good.

Per again, this time with Chris

Thank you crew for making these last days fly past!

Survived my 3 yoga classes yesterday. (Was supposed to teach 2 and was asked 5minutes after arriving at the convention if I could sub an extra class.... I said "yes, and here's the price..."

I've got 2 more classes today and I will definitely join Tony's "Street Jazz" at lunch.

Tomorrow I go HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps. JO - I LOVE the hair!


Magojiro said...

hi Monika))
this is Dmitry
wanna say once again - THANK YOU VERY MUCH)))
i'm already in Barnaul, the town near Novosibirsk, but all my muscles are still burning and shaking

mojo said...

Fab to hear, Dmitry - thank YOU. :))

Have a great autumn,

lots of love