Bring it On!

I am on my way to Oslo (soon, in about 8h) to teach a BODYJAM Foundation Training Fri-Sun. I decided NOT to bring my laptop since one of the arguments for me to buy an IPHONE was exactly that: I can check my mail from my phone.

I will try to blog from my Iphone in Oslo but I can't promise anything.... (I already SUCK at spelling from a computer, imagine a mini Iphone touch!!! Plz forgive me in advance)

School was great today (and it actually is every time :). Today Rolf Ekman, doctor in-love with the BRAIN talked about STRESS. According to him and his studies, STRESS is the most dangerous deices of the 21st century. That in company with the VAST options/possibilities/existential questions that we are faced with in today’s society. The BRAIN is running on overload and the result is not a pretty view!

So my THEME this week is:


Stress in itself can be used as a stepping-stone. It can become a creative force, a creative energy. First accept it; there is NO NEED TO FIGHT with it. Accept it, it is perfectly okay!

Rest in yourself, relax into yourself. Enjoy yourself, celebrate yourself. Rather then waiting time in becoming somebody, BE A NOBODY. Then all stress disappears. Then tension is not possible. Anxiety cannot grow because you have cut the very root of anguish. Then life is beautiful as roses and luminous as stars :)


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