NIKE Women Spring 09 shown off by delightful "Urban Angels"


I had the pleasure and honour to teach a Kettlebell-class for 60+ journalists at the NIKE Women Spring-09 release yesterday in Stockholm.

Since one of my absolutely favourite magazines was supposed to be represented (ELLE UK!), there was no question about what to wear...black. (Black MC-Hammer pants, black sky-high heels, black layered tops + black MC-leather jacket.)

That was until I went on stage, where I wore an explosion of colour (we´re talking rainbow here) from the stunning Spring -09 collection. Bubblegum, ahoy! It´s the best NIKE collection so far.

Check out my shoes, NIKE Zoom Training Essential in bright PINK - they remind me of sugar on a cane, and they make me smile...beautiful!

Colour, colour, colour. Candy for the eyes = Eye candy.

Front-row. I Love the fake fur! (with matching high-shine leggings, black MC-boots and black Marc Jacobs-handbag). Need I say that she was British?

I knew I should have become a journalist! Free foot massage & pedicures for all. Wow.

Multi-talented & fabulous Petter Ehrnvall and I, right before our classes...posing...(the shoes! Mmmmm...)...

...and getting charged!...

Petter very quickly decided that he liked this type of job... 60 beautiful women (and 1 man!) joined his Forza- and my kettlebell-class.

In action...


H said...

Your shoes....WHERE CAN I GET THEM!? Haven´t seen them in pink anywhere...
Hugs / H

Cizzi said...

Kläderna ser lovande ut. Ser fram emot att se säsonens färger på favvolinnet; racer back =) Nu väntar jag dock mest på att anmälan till Nike convention ska öppna. Hoppas helgens konvent går toppen! Nästa år SKA jag ta mig ner =)

mojo said...

Hi H!
I MISSED you at SAFE!!!! ;)
The Shoes are Spring-09 and will be available in the shops from January. (They are even tastier in real life!)

Hope you are great, girlfriend!

Cizzi, vad synd att vi inte ses till helgen! Nästa år...

Jag älskar "Racer Back Tank" i färgen Berry (stark rosa), produktnummer 287321-699.

Ses i januari!

Kramar på er båda,

H said...

Blev SJUK! :( Händer det??? Är ALDRIG sjuk... Kettlebells...det verkar förbli en dröm för mig. Snart åker jag till Göteborg, orkar inte vänta mer! :)
Ha en bra helg...

Tack för skotips - det får bli en försenad julklapp till mig själv. ;)

mojo said...


Jag misstänkte detta...
Well, du är varmt välkommen - måndagar och onsdagar rockar kettlebell-klasserna Göteborg... :))

Ha en härlig helg!